Las Vegas’ History of Prostitution

Many people think that prostitution is legal in Nevada but that is simply not true. It is only legal in brothels which undergo background checks and test their employees for sexually transmitted diseases. It is legal in Clark County, Nevada and Washoe County (Reno). This is another reason that attracts people to brothels for their safety measures. Patrons of the brothels are also ask to wear condoms to prevent spreading diseases. They cooperate with authorities fully to ensure they follow the law. The reason it is illegal to prostitute in Las Vegas is because Las Vegas prides itself on being a popular tourist destination. They don’t want the “riff raff” that prostitution can attract. With receiving over 40 million visitors per year, they want to maintain their image as “visitor friendly.” Police also do not want to run the risk of increased human trafficking operations and underage prostitution. There are over 20,000 sex worker’s living in Las Vegas today. In the 1980’s Las Vegas housed over 36 brothels. Currently there are only about 18.

Brothels receive a percentage of their workers earnings depending on their arrangement. Brothels cannot advertise for their services in areas of Las Vegas that do not allow escorts services. Besides the fact that it’s illegal, you can find hundreds of advertisements for escorts in the phone book. The cost of a prostitute in a brothel is negotiated between you and the prostitute.

One of the most famous brothels in Nevada is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch or Sheri’s Ranch. Sheri’s Ranch is the most expensive brothel and is conveniently close to the Las Vegas strip. They will even send a car to pick you up wherever you are staying. Whenever there is a big convention or event going on, Sheri’s Ranch profits increase by 70%. Legalized brothels have been a part of Las Vegas history since 1971. The girls at Sheri’s Ranch work one “tour” at a time. Tours can last anywhere from five days to two weeks. Usually shifts are as long as 12 hours, from 5am to 5pm. The women sleep an stay when they aren’t working in their own rooms which look like a college dorm. They are required to pay rent and sleep there nightly during their tour period. The owner of the brothel Chuck Lee was a former homicide detective. He came into a large sum of money when he sold his portion of an Oldsmobile dealership business. He invested his money into starting Sheri’s Ranch which has proven to be a smart choice.

Escorting is legal as long as there is no promise for sex. Handing out fliers is a common practice in Las Vegas on the strip. Escorts get around this by advertising as a companion or entertainer. In most cases, during the initial meeting is when you will negotiate for sex. To legally solicit a hooker at a brothel you can drop in or make an appointment in advance. When you get there, the available ladies are lined up in a row unless you book a specific person on line. Sheri’s Ranch is a great example of a successful well-regulated business where prostitution can be safe while making profits.

If you are wanting to start you own successful brothel business you need to pass a background check. This shows officials you are an upstanding legal citizen. Then you need to make sure you have a good amount of startup costs. You will need to pay the local government funds for the require permits to serve food if you choose to do so, beer, liquor and sex. Over the years Chuck Lee spent over $20 million to make Sheri’s Ranch the huge success that it is. The brothels in Nevada that are legal, follow all rules and regulations that any other local business is required to do. However, they still are required to follow strict prostitution laws as well. Brothel’s in Las Vegas, Nevada give you the confidence that you can have safe sex with strangers. You don’t need to feel fear, shame or judgement. Everyone knows why you are there so you don’t need to feel embarrassed. The women are there to make money so they are eager to fulfill your desires and needs. Sheri’s Ranch and all brothels for that matter, depend on your business and they are there to make you feel as comfortable as possible. America’s sexual culture is repressed that is why Las Vegas welcomes you and prostitution is partly why it is called Sin City.